Posted by: h4ck@lyst | November 2, 2007

Brake time.. yeah brake not break.

Well had a nice day so far. Had a lab exam in the morning followed by a viva. It all went on pretty nicely. And I also saw something that generally proves to be lucky for me. And maybe it did proved its luck. Thank you God. Thanks a lot. When things are going smooth everything seems to be so nice and beautiful. I guess the only thing that makes me happy now a days is not just her but also the way things are happening around now a days. Except for a few minor roadblocks or rather speed breakers that keep showing up once in a while, its all been going pretty smoothly. I love you so much. Unfortunately its not ever gonna happen. Or maybe it will. Who has seen the future. No one.

Brake time coz maybe am doing it all too much too fast. maybe none of it s not ever gonna happen. Maybe all am doing is inviting more heartbreaks.. So maybe I should brake myself. So that its easier to break into the pain, whenever it comes.



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