Posted by: h4ck@lyst | October 30, 2007


Pragyan site s gonna be up within a matter of minutes now. Actually the site was almost released yesterday but I pulled it back as the content and images were not upto my satisfaction. They are still not but now they are better than what it was last night. Thanks to Sahil, Ankit, Abhilash, few other people including me , we have got atleast a working copy of cms as of now. Quite a lot of features are yet to be added to it.

The following are some of the features of the current Pragyan CMS

1)Extensive usage of .htaccess. Actually this entire CMS will fail without .htaccess support

2) Easier page creation.

3) Easier editing using FCKEditor as opposed to TinyMCE editor of v1

4) Page Settings to move,copy,delete, move up or down in menu, create child, show hide in menu bar etc.

5) E-mail verification of new registrants and lost password reset using e-mail.

6)Upload/delete of files and making the file appear to exist in a location that does not exist at all.

7) Useage of mootools to add visual effects in menu, login, hiding/showing the header image.

Many more features to be added soon..

In the meanwhile checkout


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