Posted by: h4ck@lyst | October 22, 2007


After  a long time am feeling nice. Be it because of her or because of the fact that I just saw a friend in a nice pic. All of them together make you happy.. what more to say.. Have got 5 papers of the second ct so far.. I dont know the results of two papers but in the rest three I have got 15, 18 and 19 , each on 20. So its not so bad. And now I guess I should look for my new cell connection. I have to  take my backlogs and have to work for Pragyan as well. Anything else. Just saw S’ been logged in and locked out on one of the comps in sunlab. That was kinda surprising.. And hope Ankit gets over his bad mood soon. It doesnt feel nice when one of your friends isnt in all that great happening moods.. What else.. Coz I am in a relatively happy and sober mood so I should not say anything bad about anyone. Even if I hate that person. Well I just said it. Didnt I?? 😉 Thats why they say words can be used to express much more than what they actually say.. Whatever!


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