Posted by: h4ck@lyst | October 10, 2007

Linux experience

Hmm.. well my blog about my wikipedia installation experience has been sending me a couple of visitors through google. So I realized something that I had realized before. Linux documentation is indeed a big field. Ok, so here are the following things that I have worked upon in my college LAN and will post about how-to-dos in the coming week..

httpd apache server


mysql and phpMyAdmin

openldap with phpLdapAdmin

openLdap with/without ADS

openLdap with NFS

pure-ftpd with phpLdap

openldap with squirrelmail amd dovecot along with virtual mailboxes


Gnump3d ( a streaming music server )

openldap has been done mostly by Sahil Ahuja who is frust because his name domain has been bought over by some one else. Lolz. Maybe I should buy my name domain before someone else pounces upon it.


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