Posted by: h4ck@lyst | October 4, 2007

google chaating

Was just going through the stats for my blog. It showed “google chaating” as a referrer to my blog. I was surprised. I also googled for the phrase ” Google chaating” and lo.. mine is the first result followed by hari’s blog. And Verma also makes it to the list at the 8th position. Not bad. So NITTians are now officially the leaders in chaating. lolz. Well the meaning of “chaat” in the college lingo means “Someone trying to make a joke that doesnt make anyone laugh but the teller or Someone/something very boring”. Hmm now that I have tried to define the term, I realise its not all that simple. Well you can use chaat in a variety of lingos. As in a group is going all just freakin nuts and if someone tries to sober them up, then that person could be a chaat. Or if someones trying to be too smart amongst his peer, then also he can be named a chaat. Or if someone says or tries to do somehing that makes no heads or tails then thats also a chaat….

PS: Am sure this post also leads the list of chaats by me..

Synonym:: PJ


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