Posted by: h4ck@lyst | October 1, 2007

Life reloaded.


Festember’s been over for a week now. It was fun. Being a part of the PR team was always a long cherished dream that I finally realised was worth it. And the added perks were definitely worth it 🙂 And then I became “friends” with a girl. And last friday we went out for a dinner while I went to see her off at the station off to home. And maybe we’ll hit off. Its a vicious cycle. And the conditions am in right now are very precarious. Hope to get out of all this in good health and not the way I came out last time. Anyways, other than all these, something on the friends back from school front. I called up Amrita aka Mimi today. I had been maybe a big stupid idiot fool when I asked her not to call me up. I know I must have had hurt her. And above all that, I acted entirely against the way friends are supposed to act. As in I also had hurt her and caused pain in the past. But she never asked me not to call, right? And now that things were limping back to normal, I again make thins blundering mistake. Hope she forgives me for all this. I see this more like a sabbatical. Maybe a sabbatical from all my responsibilities and relations, but that isnt the way things are meant to be, right?

Anyways, the reason I named this post “Life Reloaded” was coz of the girl with whom I went to dinner with. A nice girl. And I guess I like her. Lets see how things turn up. Take care. Bye


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