Posted by: h4ck@lyst | September 9, 2007


Me and Sahil went to city yesterday. Initially our plan was that we’ll go together but then I left him and went alone as he was asleep. (We both went to our rooms at 0730 hrs in the morning after a nightout in sunlab followed by an early breakfast). Somehow I woke up at 1100. Anyways I left without him as I had to get my phone serviced and the service center might have closed by late afternoon. So Sahil joined me later in the city. We went to “Dobberstein” to have a pizza. First we shared a small veg surprise. It was decent enough. Actually the base wasn’t all that great but the cheese was simply amazing. Then we ordered another medium one. We had canned pepsi to accompany the food. Thereafter we went to an ice-cream shop. And even though I thought that I was full upto brim, I managed to gobble down one strawberry ice-cream. And after that we were REALLY full upto brim. And then we both had a high as if we were intoxicated because of all that food. In between the food and everything we had a discussion ranging from girlfriends to Pragyan CMS and what not. I really cant put it to words the way we enjoyed our evening. PS:I forgot the laddos I had brought for Sahil n cyber. So now am off to have those laddoos.Bye


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