Posted by: h4ck@lyst | September 6, 2007

about moving n more..

well I had posted that I was moving out of blogspot because at times I didnt like the amount of data Google was storing about me in their servers. Not that am a big privacy rights issue concerned or fan. well its just that at times I dont like it. But to my dismay I found that putting your data out of google servers simply brings you closer to it. Google apparently doesnt crawl its own servers having orkut and blogspot that much as it does with other servers , be it on wordpress or yahoo.

Example : google results for anshprat (my erstwhile handle/username) before I moved out of blogspot had a vague reference of my blog that too coz it had been cached by some other server. But it had results regarding my yahoo answers and wordpress within minutes. Yes within minutes. 17 minutes as per what google claimed.

So moral of the story, you want a good rank on google, dont hold yourself onto google servers.


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