Posted by: h4ck@lyst | August 19, 2007

Memories n the future..

Got a mail from annie.. though it was just a notice/info mail sent to all her friends list but still it was a nice reminiscence from the back..

I have quit ,first as the president of RMI, the oncampus Robotics and machines Intelligence group, an affiliated group of IEEE, Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineer and then left it in its entirety.. that is ceased to be its member either. That I did so a sto better manage my studies. But now I have taken up the managership of Pragyan ‘s CSG. Don’t know how much of help and how much of hindrance its gonna be for my future. Hope am able to discharge my responsiblites well and to every one’s satisfaction, including my parents, i.e, I get a decent enough GPA and a “good” enough job.

Talked to mimi after a very long period of time. I was having my reservations on that front as well, but with her I think I can let things go the way they are going.


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