Posted by: h4ck@lyst | August 9, 2007

wikipedia installation is goiing on. Finally the things that worked for me is this..


MediaWiki 1.5 and above includes a command-line script ‘importDump.php’ which can be used to import an XML page dump into the database. This requires first configuring and installing MediaWiki. It’s also VERY slow; to import a large Wikipedia data dump into a fresh database you may wish to use MWDumper, however, mwdumper has compatibility problems with some Linux Distributions and does not provide robust error reporting. Please see the installation notes concerning mwdumper for a list of known problems and systems affected by problems with mwdumper.

As an example invocation, when you have an XML file called temp.xml

 php maintenance\importDump.php < maintenance\temp.xml

As an example invocation, when you have an XML file called temp.xml with an output log and in the background:

 php maintenance\importDump.php & progress.log &

You can then display the log entries real time to the console screen by using the tail command. This command also allows you to break out of the program and reinvoke it periodically to check the status of your import:

 tail -f progress.log

For more on this topic visit the given link


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