Posted by: h4ck@lyst | August 6, 2007

A nice day..

Went to Madurai yesterday for organizing a quiz on behalf of IIM. Left hostel at 5.30 in the morning, IIM officials picked us up at 6. My friend Suman had come along. THere were in all four of us, the two of us and two IIM officials. Both of them work with BHEL. The second as a R&D person. Well the bus travel was a bit clumsy but thereafter it was all nice. The first thing that I noticed on getting off at the Madurai bus stand was that it was ISO certified. Wow..!! And here we are still thinking about getting the same for Pragyan. Anyways.. then we went off to the school where we were supposed to organize the quiz.. And then as there was still time left for the quiz to commence, we went off to the grandeur that Meenakshi Temple is. Its really huge. It was just the beginning of what was going to turn out to be as a real nice day. Saw quite a number of nice people.:) Anyways it was a nice day but the only thing that I didnt do and I am happy about is that we didnt exchange numbers.. Well that gives you n idea what the whole nice day was all about. Anyways, I had this feeling that maybe she wanted to exchange the numbers, and maybe aI would have had done so myself but eventually it never happened. And in the end am not so sad about it. Its better to have such small “happenings” to pep up your life rather than hoping for things that never turm up or happen the way you want them to. Or worse, cause you distress. It was a nice day. And at the end of it, I am a happy man!!


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