Posted by: h4ck@lyst | August 1, 2007

My blog is becoming more like a scratch notepad for me.. i just put anything and everything that I find interesing.. and maybe thats what a blog is for…!!!

By the way, I just asked a senior of mine who did his internship with google, (he worked on orkut) about the estimated percentage of space/memory google has in all wrt to the internet thats open to public..
My guess was it would be something b/w 40% to 60% since google caches almost any and everything + its various services…
But the answer I got was baffling..
He said it would be number times over than the overall space in public domain on internet..
He wont give me the details as he couldnt coz the privacy/copyright or whatever issues.. but as far as I made a guess and as per what he said was partly right is that google never deletes anything that goes into their servers.. that means any draft you made on gmail whether you sent it or not, discarded it or not or emptied your trash or not is always there on the google servers.. its only that you dont have an access to it once you supposedly “delete” it.
Well I wont say or comment much on it.. but just guess what the privacy-rights people can make out of it in any piece of it was true. Any picture you ever uploaded, any status you ever put in you gtalk or gmail or orkut or anything you ever put through a google networked service or on any other service and if it was crawled by google, then atleast one copy of it is saved on the google servers for god knows how long. even if you supposedly remove it from the public domain, its always there somewhere hidden in the deeper realms of the google guys. What they do or can do with it is anybody’s guess..

By the way from the same senior, google crawlers crawl about a few petabytes of data every WEEK..
Btw, 1 Petabyte == 10^6 GB.
So its anybodys guess how much is their disk storage considering google started in sep 1998…


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