Posted by: h4ck@lyst | July 23, 2007

Finished the last harry potter last night.. took me about 12 hrs of reading in 2 sittings of 6hrs each with a break of abt 2hrs in b/w as I went to dinner with friends..

As to what the book is all about, you ll find a hell lot of people all over the net telling you about it. So sorry am not saying anything about that. I ll only comment about some of the things I personally felt for about.
The first thing is something thats been up in my head for quite sometime now. No matter what the story is, why the heck does it always have to revolve or say start with a girl? Snape did all that for his love. True there are people in the story like Albus Dumbledore, in whose life it seems there were no personal attachements of that kind, but the morale is the world revolves around love.Even Dumbledore became noble only for the love of his sis. Otherwise who knows he would have had been the Lord of Tom Riddle himself!!!! Anyways I guess what am putting in here isnt exactlywhat I had in mind when I came in here to put out..

And Ron gets Hermione… Who the heck wants to be Harry anymore…!!!
But as they say, Fame eludes them who run after it and runs after those who want to elude it.
So I guess is true about any and everything else.
Except for the things that are concerned with hardwork.. but maybe a bit of luck is involved in there too!


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