Posted by: h4ck@lyst | March 13, 2007

Hi again,
after a long time..
why back to this place..??
When I started writing the blog, my main reaso was so that I can tell people what I feel.
It may still be the same, but with a li’l difference..
Now it is to tell abt things which I wud have otherwise told to only my close frnds.
But now I cant as now they have a life of their own..
n me being in there in their life in my previous avatar might be a bit interfering..
or rather I might not be comfortable sharing things with them AND their better ones..,
I mean they r my friends, their friends r my friends too..
BUT the difference is.. my friends are mine..
my friend’s friends are not..
Theres so much to say.. but maybe the only option left is the way to go I am going right now.
Its the way to hell, but there doesnt seem to be any other option left..
I dont have time enough to do any other thing now but to do what I am doing..
The irony is can I can keep talkin about the stuff but I cant talk what the stuff is..
And the people with whom I can, they are not there..
They are.. but still they arent.


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