Posted by: h4ck@lyst | August 27, 2006

Am ashamed…

well, its been a real long time since I ve STUDIED, but the fact was that till date it wasnt much to me…
I mean i never actually did anything to work upon it.. all I did everytime was to cry over the spilled milk n then wait for the next time and repeat everything all over again…

But today, after a REAL long time I was ashamed of my situation….
I was there in my friends room, and his roommates were talking about what all have they finished, ( ammm, well the cycle tests are from tomorrow) and the smile on his face, the admire which his roommates had for him, put me to shame..
they weren’t mockng me or anything, but it was the first time that I felt real ashamed of myself. I man I was supposed to be there at that position, of being talked about by my peers in that way, and here I was, another inconsequent being who has somehow managed to scrap his way into one of the India’s premiere institute.

Well, I guess its never too late to make a new beginning.

and I guess I had all this feeling only cause I have really been studying for the couple of last days.
Well its a little late to do well in this cycles, but still I can improve upon my score as compared to my last years performance.

Well at the moment my blog has restricted access to just one person, so I ll use this to say to you that for once am real sorry for myself as in what have I done to myself.
Time to mend my ways.

Well will blog to you in details after the tests get over on thursday.
Take care.
Love u.


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