Posted by: h4ck@lyst | August 15, 2006

I dont know….

I dont know whether whatever am gonna do now is right or not…
In most probability, its gonna be bad for me..
real bad…
But what do you do when theres no one around..??
And you feel as if what all you have done was better not done..!!
Theres no one around to share with.. Actually it would be weired but I dont wanna share myself with anyone anymore except for one…

Sorry Annie, whenever you read this.. Am not mailing you coz I dont wanna disturb you right now..
I guess your hands are already full with quite a lot to do at college…
I really dont wanna trouble you anymore..
Am sorry….

The moment I thought about it, my left eye started twitching…
I dont know whether thats bad or not..
But I asked the same question to myself whether it was bad or what…
and the answer I got from myself was that I dont really care how bad is it, I just have to do it…

Am getting nowhere in right now..

God only knows whats gonna be my destiny…

Take care world…
N sleep well…

Good night..!!


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