Posted by: h4ck@lyst | August 13, 2006

Hi again…

well bloggin after quite some time now..
Actually my college net conncn was acting up a lil bit weired..
so it was kinda tuff to do normal work…
N the funny part was even my best friend had kinda same problem..
I mean even her net conncn both at home n college were kinda actin up..
weired na..

am kinda happy..
well y not??
y should one need a reason to be happy..
The weathers gr8 outside..
its cool breezey morning with rains on the horizon…
N am missin my best friend..
but the sweet memories of us together in the past makes me feel happy..
luv u annie..
what else..
well got myself a 4.1 speaker system…
so wont have to reach in for those headphones everytime I wanna listen to something nice…
My college rooms not spacious enough for a 5.1.. 😦
anyways.. am happy…
I guess am finally gettin to what n where I wanted to be..
well not a bad start..
especially after my acads of the last three yrs..
which at its best were nothing but..
better left unsaid about…
anyways hopefully.. will be back soon..
take care..


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