Posted by: h4ck@lyst | May 4, 2006


And I thought I was a pretty grown up n matured person.. But when I faced the first real test of life I was completely clueless as to how am I supposed to go about it… Well these things were pretty good when discussed about in G.D.s n all that but now I know lifes is not all a bed of roses…

As for myself.. had the physics pracs yesterday.. was the worst ever prac I ever did simply coz I didn t feel like doing it LOL.. well actually it wasnt all that bad.. did the experiment gracefully.. just that didnt do the other half coz I was pretty bored up by that time so I submitted the paper n left the lab..

Have my Engineering Practise Workshop Prac today n i guess that would be intresting coz atleast its something thats useful in day to day life n not some stupid spectrometer experiment to calculate the wavelenth of different colours.. I mean hello a class 8 student knows the range of VIBGYOR …

anyways … this blog is a great thing.. atleast I have a place to put myself down somewhere….


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