Posted by: h4ck@lyst | May 4, 2006


well, the only constant is a change.. but how good a change is , it cant always be gauged all that easily…

You always try to do your best, but sometimes it isnt appreciated at all, you become a culprit, it hurts somewhere deep down there..

I don’t know what to say… am all blank n emotionless..
Tears rolled down my eyes when a friend hung up on me but immediately I got a call from home, n I never knew I could control myself so quickly, but thankfully I did…

I trusted someone n I still do TRUST her.. even though she walked out on me about an year ago but i STILL trust her coz I believe in her…

I want to trust others N its not all that easy but I know one thing that if I trust anyone, I have no qualms about it.. coz when you trust anyone, you trust them with your life, no questions are asked and you are ready to face the consequences no matter what…

Its completely your decision whether you can n want to trust a person or not.. But once you do, make sure no questions are asked as to why you do trust that person..If its not so then its not trust but just a feel good with a person for the time being.. Its just like the way you trust yourself, no matter what, you always consider yourself to be correct.. Its the same when you trust someone else.. no matter WHAT that person is never wrong, if anythings be wrong then its the situation which makes the person appear wrong...


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