Posted by: h4ck@lyst | May 2, 2006


one more thing…
Things that you might do when you are too oblivious of the rest of the world, especially the things done n words said w/o thinking abt the consequences might inflict the worst ever attacks on yourself.. You can be your worst enemy if you dont think wht r u doing n wht r u saying..

I guess I lost a great friend coz of my actions.. though we still talk to each other but I know I have lost it..
Like its said by the great Indian poet Kabir in one of his “doha”‘s

“rahiman dhaaga prem ka , mat todo chatkhaaye..
tode se phir naa jude..
judi to gaanth par jaaye…”


“Dont break the threads of love/friendship/relation..
coz once broken, it wont be the same..
even if you are able to patch it up…
there will always be the knot..”

Sorry to you P…. ,

I never intended to hurt you or anyone else..
I never wanted the things to be the way they turned out…
I guess you believe that you lost a friend coz of me..
n may be even she thinks the same…
but trust me it was never my intention..
I didnt even know where my actions will lead me to..
and that I guess, was my only fault…
love you a lot..
n am sorry..
hope you forgive me…


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